Gamia Games is a registered trademark of the Swedish company Kubba Games AB. Gamia Games creates and offers original, engaging, story-driven and innovative board games. Headquartered in Malmö (Sweden), but also operating in Iceland, Italy and UK, Gamia Games is a 360-degree publisher, which accompanies projects from the initial design phase, through the production, up to the final distribution.

The combined expertise of each partner makes for more than 30 years of experience in the game industry. We have conceptualized, designed, developed and distributed projects that educate, immerse, and activate players.


XTeam_logo_140XTeam Software Solutions is a professional developer of interactive software, multimedia applications, videogames and entertainment. Since 1992 we created several software products for our Italian and international customers, and we have the know-how to develop a wide and complete range of software products.

logoverbitVerbit is a next-generation publishing house oriented towards experimenting with new editorial products based upon state-of-the-art interactive technologies.

We have been working on dozens of games, ranging from traditional board games up to interactive, videogame-based productions (Sony, Nintendo, XBox). See our current productions