Ancient Aliens overview

Ancient Aliens

In the depths of space, millions of light years away from the Universal core, a habitable planet has been discovered. It is teeming with life and it’s only sentient species is so primitive that they can easily be shaped and controlled by beings of higher power; being that are eons older and infinitely more advanced. Orbiting a young sun and being ripe with resources it is immediately desirable for the High Races. Conquering its inhabitants by force would be easy but the all-knowing, ever-present Overseers do not allow any acts of violence towards infantile races. To breach the laws of the Overseers is to invite a fate worse than death. Therefor to conquer the planet other methods must be used.

Each of the High Races has its own way of subduing and infiltrating the simple bipedal mammals on the planet and each Race has its own agenda. All wish to make their primitive tribes develop into effective and faithful servants and all wish the other Races to fail. The High Race that first succeeds in cultivating a populous, technologically superior and highly productive flock will be able to rule the entire planet for all ages to come. 

On the planet later known as Earth a tribe of hunter-gatherers, huddled together against the night-time cold, look up as an impossibly bright light opens up the sky and reaches down to them. They are not afraid, but curious…


Ancient Aliens – Creators of Civilization is a card driven engine building civilization game for 2 – 4 players, ages 12 and up. Playing time is 60 – 90 minuts, depending on number of players.

Players take the role of one of four ancient Alien factions; Annunaki, Grey, Nephilim & Saurians. Each faction is given a Continental area where they use their special abilities and technology to control and manipulate the humans living there.

The aliens use their race abilities (telepathic, gene transplants, herbal mixtures & nano probes) to change and evolve the humans to improve their existence. The factions aim is to improve 3 vital human abilities; Knowledge, Skill & Loyalty to civilized stage.

During the game, players use their 3 level based card decks to choose their actions. First they start with Tech deck 1. As the have improved any ability (Knowledge, Skill or Loyalty) to level 2 on the improvement table, Tech deck 2 becomes available. Improve to level 3 to gain access to Tech deck 3.

There are up to 5 actions players do each turn. Each action is chosen from 3 available actions on each card;

Actions influencing only your own faction is placed down in front of you but actions affecting other players are placed on the uplifted central platform, with the text facing the affected player.

A random starting player is chosen and that player finishes all of his actions. Then the player to his left goes next. When any one faction improves his last ability to civilized stage, by choice, it immediately triggers the game end, awarding the accomplishment. Then points are counted and a victor is claimed.

Points are gained from end trigger (only 1 player), crystals owned, buildings built, items & monuments created, aid towards other players and faction agenda accomplished.


The Anunnaki are blond haired giants that came to earth mostly because of gold. They use gold in their buildings and spaceships to perfect their conductivity.
They have mastered sound waves and light and that enables them to use sound waves and light as a power source for mine work, building construction via levitation, and operating portals by using Hornstones to amplify the required high-frequency sound waves.

They also power up Crystals to magnify light and use their light and sound techniques to manipulate human DNA. According to old legends, the Anunnaki drained most of South Africa’s gold resources. After they drained the gold mines, they disappeared and have not been seen since. Their home planed, Niburu, is said to be maneuverable and that it can be transferred between star systems through unknown means.

The Saurians are a dark aggressive race that use fear as a main source of control over their human faction, often demanding human sacrifice. They have a reptile-looking face and a hard, scaly skin and are therefore often referred to as the Lizard people. They have superior knowledge of and control over plants and beings. With their herbal techniques they can soften the hardest rocks into clay in order to build complex structures.

According to legends, the Saurians or Reptilians as they are often refereed to, have had impact on many South American cultures. Some say that traces of their influence can be found all over the world. No one knows where they came from and when they left the planet, or if they even left Earth at all.
There are believers that claim that they still roam among the humans, just waiting for the right sign to come out of their human like cocoons.

The Nephilim are tall, cone-headed leaders that have a superior ability to manipulate genetic changes through bionic implants. They use their laser technology to aid them in building vast temples and buildings. They manipulate the humans by changing their appearances into different animal-head creatures, thus gaining the humans’ complete devotion. Through out all of Earths civilizations, the Nephilim have used their abilities to implant thoughts, visions and sightings into specially chosen humans, according to legends. Those humans have then, in strong belief, spread their divine word through their fellow humans, resulting in new religions being born.

The Nephilim home planet lies deep within the Orion belt, seen from Earth. They control portals that they can use to travel quickly between vast distances. As the Nephilim think of themselves as the true Supreme Being, they try to influence the species they are “helping” with extreme devotion towards themselves.

The Greys are peaceful explorers that travel through the Galaxy, aiding other species they run into. They use their powerful mind control, when they encounter. When they meet new species they feel are limited, they use their powerful mind control techniques to increase the species’ understanding and ability to use more complex things by growing and improving their brain cells.

The Grays home planet is unknown, but they have been frequent guest on Earth since the dawn of time.The Grays are peaceful in nature and they are self-claimed protectors of all species that they feel oppressed. They have healing powers that they use to heal the wounded and frequently use mind melt to give or gain knowledge from other species.

Of all alien races that have been to Earth, the Greys are the ones that have been seen most often.