Rearrange the chaos

The elements have caused chaos with their greed, forcing the Mythical beeings to leave the Island. You, as one of the legendary Protectors, must calm the elements and restore the balance in the Island. Rearrange the landscape so it matches the need of the Mythical beings, enabling them to get back home.

Compact & adjustable play area

The game board consists of Landscape tiles that can be arranged in different ways, all depending on the space you have. The box is also very compact, therefore Mythical Island is ideal for travelling!

8 legendary Protectors

The game comes with 4 different Protector tiles, that are connected with the elements of Water, Fire, Air & Earth. Each tile is double sided, with unique Protector on each side. All Protectors have each their unique ability that you can use during the game.

28 Mythical beings

There are Mythical beings connected with 4 elements in the game. Your task as the Protector is to match their unique pattern shown on their cards with the Landscape layout on the board. Rearrange the Landscape tiles accordingly, activate the Mythical beings, score the points and become the Guardian of the Mythical Island.



Use the power of your Protector to re-arrange the landscape on Mythical Island. 


Fight, trade or convert your opponents to gain the favor of the High Jarl. Collect the most gold and all the honor will be yours !


Race around Iceland in your race car. Upgrade your car and collect points and money. Be the one that wins the race!


2 games in 1; deliver the gifts and race the sledge. Fast and simple game for  ages 5 and up! Help Santa to deliver the gifts!



Carve epic stories, wonderful love confessions, memories of fallen warriors, or anything else that needs to be carved and become the most honourable and known Rune Master!


Aid, educate, evolve and improve your human factions in order to make them Civilized. Build buildings and monuments for future generations to gaze upon!


Travel the Wasteland to find map peaces that reveal the location of Vault 0. Locate towns on the map to recruit followers, trade in artifacts & buy upgrades. But be aware, time is ticking…


Your machine blueprints are needed to improve the public transit system in Sky City. But first you need to prove your worth, transit as many passengers possible within given time limits!

Imagine the possibilities…

Life is a game, never stop playing…