Games have been a passion of the people involved with Gamia games for a long time. Gamia games is a network of connections and raw gaming energy where many different talents and individuals get together to create something special and unique.

We wanted to have a platform where we could freely explore and experiment with interesting ideas and methods. So therefore, Gamia games was started in 2015 to fulfill these visions.

Our aim is to create challenging, original and unique board games for various player groups. We are also looking into new ways to include digital and virtual methods in the game design, where it fits the game.

Games developed and produced by Gamia games are designed by Icelandic game designer Svavar Björgvinsson, sometimes in cooperation with other designers.
Gamia games is a registered trade mark, owned by Svavar Björgvinsson.


We are 2 friends, Monika, a Czech living in Iceland and Svavar, an Icelandic board game designer with pure roots to the first Icelandic Viking settlers. Our story began in March 2018, when Monika moved to Iceland and met me at work. But the story of Mythical Island began even earlier, in June 2016 when Monika came to Iceland for the first time. She came back several times as she had already fallen in love with the country. She wanted to buy some souvenir and because she likes board games, she was looking for some games with Icelandic folktales theme, but she wasn’t successful.

And then, one day in May 2018 we were talking in the office and found out that we were both familiar with the motto “Life is a game, never stop playing!“. I had already his head full of clear game concept ideas, but lacking the theme on many of them. Inspired by that, we thought it could be a very interesting project to join Monika´s love to Iceland and my love for board games. So we started to work on this idea where stories and Icelandic heritage could be combined into something that could be interesting for both visitors coming to Iceland as well as some informative game for board game lovers. One of the game ideas that I had and was lacking theme for seemed to be perfect for this task, so work on Mythical Island begun in September 2018. We immediately started to dig into all the books and media we could find related to Icelandic mythical beings and folk stories, but soon we found out that many of the stories actually had the same origins. In order to spice up the mix and add more flavor to the game, beings from Nordic Mythology were added to the concept.

It hasn’t always been an easy journey, for example when we lost all the game documentation because both the PC and backup disk crashed within a few days apart, or when we lost our brand-new built web page due to a different backup failure. But we never gave up and thanks to our will and strong belief in the game, the game is getting to the final stages. We have done several prototypes and tested them with different groups. Then we made improvements just to test it again to find out that the improvements needed some improvement. Sure, sometimes a frustrating process, but extremely rewarding and fun.

We look forward to share some more stories about our new games with you soon…thank you for joining us on our journey……

Life is a game, never stop playing…