Gamia Games is a small Indie board game studio located in Reykjavík, Iceland. We have in the last years been designing and producing small print board games for the local Icelandic and Scandinavian market, as well as for visiting tourists . All of our games have been inspired by Icelandic & Scandinavian heritage & rich history.

Our games are all unique and original, driven onward by creative and enthusiast minds & powered by love and positivity!

In US and Canada, we are operating as Gamia games Inc, located in Middletown, Delaware.

Games developed and produced by Gamia games are designed by Icelandic game designer Svavar Björgvinsson, sometimes in cooperation with other designers. Gamia games is a registered trade mark, owned by Svavar Björgvinsson.


We are 2 friends, Monika, a Czech living in Iceland and Svavar, an Icelandic board game designer with pure roots to the first Icelandic Viking settlers. We both share a passion for Iceland and Icelandic heritage. Monika has been to Iceland several times from 2016, but our story began in March 2018, when Monika permanently moved to Iceland, to fulfill her dream to live in the country she fell in love with, and met Svavar at work. 

And then, one day in May 2018 we were talking in the office and found out that we were both familiar with the motto “Life is a game, never stop playing!“. Svavar had some game ideas in his mind, but was lacking a theme to place them in. Monika wanted to create something memorable for visitors coming to Iceland. A project was born; a theme was found for Svavar’s game idea merging into Monika’s love for Iceland, so work on Mythical Island began in September 2018. 

A lot has happened since then; Mythical Island was published in October 2019 & Runir followed in November 2020. Both games were sold out within a year from their release. At some point during all of this, a new idea related to the everchanging Icelandic weather started to evolve. Vedur saw the daylight in October 2023. Evolved, improved and updated versions of the 2 earlier games were also printed at the same time. We renamed Mythical Island to Sagnir so it would better to our new combined game collecion, as we decided to place all 3 games under one category; The Nordic Heritage collection. 

The Nordic Heritage collection is a set of games that are all related to Icelandic & Scandinavian heritage and created by the same team. All of the 3 games have some historical or cultural references in them. Although the games are a work of fiction, a lot of documentary work and data collection has been done to support the themes in the games. It has been a lot of work, but we have enjoyed every second of it!

We have many more ideas in our minds, among them are games connected with the ever threatening Icelandic volcanoes and the settlement of Iceland. We look forward to sharing them with you in the near future and remember…

 “Life is a game, never stop playing!“

Life is a game, never stop playing…