Good sales for Bardagi

We are happy to report that Bardagi is now distributed all over the world and that we are receiving a good feedback from board gamers! Stay tuned because we are abut to launch a new game on Kickstarter!

Finalizing the production for Bardagi

Hectic times are at Gamia Games. We are just finalizing the production of our first game. We are currently overlooking the game components and make sure that the quality is up to our standards. For our Kickstarter backers: we expect to have the games finalized and...

Successful Kickstarter campaign

Thank you all backers for your support! The Kickstarter campaign for Kickstarter was very successful, with about 200% funding. We will now do our best to provide you with the best possible version of Bardagi – The claim for Gold. Its has been a great time full...

Kickstarter campaign running!

The campaign for Bardagi started less than one hour ago and we already collected 35% of the total. Thanks to all our supporters! Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamiagames/bardagi-the-claim-for-gold/comments

Kickstarter campaign about to start

We are almost ready for our Kickstarter campaign for Bardagi. Stay tuned and follow our updates: the first backers will get a special reward!